Chronic Insomnia Treatment

The search for the best chronic insomnia treatment for you can be a challenging thing. But don’t let yourself scared by the many methods available out there and not knowing which one to choose.

The fastest and easiest solution seems to be sleeping pills, however don’t be fooled by that. It can indeed be a fast treatment for chronic insomnia, but sometimes medications can cause more harm than good, because you can easily become addicted to them and their effectiveness weakens after frequent use.

The idea would be to take them only for a short period of time, during which you’ll explore some other chronic insomnia treatment options. The best course of treatment for chronic insomnia can be to use a combination of both pharmacological as well as non-invasive alternative means of treatment.

I recommend you first investigate what is causing your insomnia and THEN find your chronic insomnia treatment. Some of the factors that can trigger this condition may be breathing or sleep disorders, alcohol or drug abuse, smoking, excessive consumption of caffeine, or chronic stress and tension.

Here are some useful insomnia tips:

1. Avoid eating a heavy meal in the evening or before bedtime; but don’t go to sleep with an empty stomach either.

2. Avoid drinking coffee after 5 p.m. and smoking just before going to bed.

3. Exercising in the evenings can keep your body active, so make sure that if you must exercise in the evenings, you do this at least 4-5 hours before you usually got to bed.

4. Keep a proper sleep schedule. Go to bed and wake up at a specific time every day, so that your body gets used to this rhythm.

5. Avoid taking long afternoon naps.

6. Maintain a very cozy environment in your bedroom by adjusting the illumination, as well as ventilation and temperature to your comfort.

7. Eliminate the TV, computer or telephone from your bedroom; by doing this, your bedroom will become a better sleep environment without any kind of distractions and disturbances.