life coach David Wood
David Wood, PCC

A former actuary and management consultant, David Wood is a certified life and business coach with a passion for internet marketing.

He has also been a certified snowboarding instructor, squash instructor and State 3 Player, hang glider pilot and stand-up comedian.

Professional Coach:

David has attracted over 200 well-paying clients from 13 countries – getting a huge 95% of his clientele from the internet. He’s been able to create a six-figure business doing what he loves, and now helps coaches and other professionals build their businesses, and create passive revenue streams.

His newsletter mailing list has grown to over 71,997 people in 91 countries.
His web sites are listed in the top five on Google and Yahoo. He has been an on-screen coach for an Australian television series and spoken at corporations including
Xerox, Ford and General Motors.