Herbal Insomnia Cure

Many people find that none of the usual remedies for insomnia work in their case. They’ve tried various insomnia cures for sleep and it seems like the only solution that remains is sleeping pills, but the danger is you can become addicted to them and they can create the impression that you are not able to fall asleep without them.

Instead of “helping” your body to become addicted to sleeping pills, consider natural insomnia cures with herbal teas that may allow you to fall sleep naturally without any chemicals involved. There are various herbal insomnia cures one can use, including herbal teas, tinctures, the use of certain herbs in your bath water, stuffing your pillow with a combination of sleep-inducing herbs, or massage oils.

For instance, two plants that are known to be highly efficient in inducing sleep are lavender and chamomile. They can be found in many bath lotions, or you can simply add them to your bath water. Have a bath one hour before going to bed, and in addition, you can drink chamomile tea for an even more sleepy effect.

Some of the herbs that may have a positive effect in preventing insomnia include the following: California poppy, hops, kava, lemon balm, passionflower, jasmine, and the one that is considered the most effective insomnia cure herbal remedy – valerian root.

One of the important things to remember when treating insomnia with herbal remedies is that people react in different ways; in some cases it can work instantly, in others it may take a few days to observe some results. Also, different causes require different remedies. Most importantly, do not take the word of a friend or relative when it comes to choosing a specific herb, but make your own choice. Try more of them and observe which one is more effective.  And if they don’t work, please see a Doctor.

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